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awe thanks by maritimus-child awe thanks by maritimus-child
you're thinking...what portrait? I'm taking a human dissection class and for the past month we've been dissecting and finding all these incredible structures and organs and sometimes we get so focussed on what we're doing and how to seperate nerves from arteries without breaking them and what muscles attach to where and where on earth X is that we forget that we're working on something that used to be a person- until some moment happens or you blink or suddenly you just really see the body before you and everything inside you stops and you go "...this is a person- someone who thought and felt and so believed in the importance of learning anatomy that they chose to give themselves to a school, a lab, for the purpose of being seen and known better by strangers (anatomically, that is) than by anyone else."

that happened to me today when I was trying to find a position where I could work on clearing some of the connective tissue and fat from Norma's hand; I realized that I knew then what I could contribute to our closing service/gathering/goodbye on thursday. I also realized that I'm going to miss them, their gift, their beauty.

we don't know anything about our donors but the first two initials of their first name, their gender, their occupation, and what they died of (as well as can be known without an autopsy being performed). we don't know what music they would have liked, so the only music allowed in lab is whatever's on MPR and occasionally whatever Dave or Phil starts to sing. we're respectful, but sometimes funny things happen or a pun slips out (inadvertent or otherwise) and we laugh- but somehow I feel like they understand and appreciate the puns and the occasional outbreak of machiasmo from the boys. I think Norma in particular would appreciate the puns, which may help to explain my rather curious choice of title.

that got entirely too long, but it's hard to say goodbye.
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January 23, 2006
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